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California Dream For All Home Loan Program

The Dream For All home loan and assistance program is another example of how the state of California is helping homebuyers gain access to affordable financing, increase homeownership,

and creating generational wealth.

Dream For All Home Loan Program.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) That Homebuyers who are considering this program are asking…

Do I have to make payments on the 20% silent second received from the State for the Dream For All Home Loan?

– No, the payments are deferred for the life of the loan (30 years) and the interest rate is 0%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Get the Facts & Know Your Options

Do you have questions like this?

  • Are there other homebuyer assistance options I should consider?

  • Which Home Loan assistance program is the best?

  • How do I qualify for the program that will provide me with the lowest Interest rate and/or lowest home payment?

  • Which assistance program will help me qualify for more?

Let us help you figure all this out AND get you preapproved for the homebuyer assistance program that you think is best for you and your family.

How to Apply for the Dream For All Assistance Program

If you would like to get preapproved to learn about which home loan or homebuyer assistance program will benefit you the most, fill out this Down Payment Assistance Prequal Form.

Dream For All Eligibility & Qualifying Criteria:

  • First time homebuyer – That is, you have not owned a home in the last 3 years)

  • Required Minimum Credit Score & DTI ratio:

  • 45% DTI with 680 – 699 FICO score

  • 50% DTI with 700+ FICO score

  • 45% DTI with 660 up FICO score (income below 80% AMI)

  • Property Type: SFR / Condo / Manufactured

  • Min/Max CLTV:  70%/105%

  • Non-occupied co-signers are not allowed.

  • County Income Limit Apply

  • CalHFA homebuyer education course required.

  • One year home warranty required.

  • Must be used with CalHFA Dream For All Conventional 1st loan

  • Cannot be combined with other CalHFA programs such as the CalPLUS ZIP or MyHome Assistance program

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